Random Deathmatch (RDM)- Killing without a legitimate roleplay reason.


Random Arrest (RDA)- Arresting without a legitimate roleplay reason.


New Life Rule (NLR) - Once you die, you forget everything that has happened to you.


Fail Roleplay (FailRP) - Unrealistic roleplay not within the rules.


Fear Roleplay (FearRP) - Risking the lifes of yourself and others.


Metagame - Using out of character knowledge


Powergame - Putting others in unfair roleplay situations.




Do not do anything to harm the server or otherwise exploit it.


Respect everyone. No shit-talking, purposefully annoying people or trolling/mingeing.


Do not attempted to prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.


Body-blocking is not allowed if you are doing it to troll or be annoying.


Do not mess with Admins on Duty, they are not role-playing so you shouldn't interact with them as if they are.


Do not impersonate any member of the BurchwoodAU community.


You are not allowed to have black physgun or props.


No disrespectful roleplay names. If a staff member asks for you to change it, do so.


Staff words are final in all cases and are not to be protested.


Do not mic spam. (Including soundboards of any type.)


Do not spawn kill. As Hitman you cannot kill someone in spawn.


Do not job abuse.


Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, etc to get out of a role-play situation.


Don't speak or joke about DDOS, even in role-play.


A banker can hold anything that is illegal and not be warranted by the cops because of his illegal materials


You may not defend random people, only gang members and allied gang members.




In order to raid you must have a base of your own that can be raided.


You dont have to advert Raid unless raiding PD, or Bank.


You must wait 15 minutes in-between raiding the same person or base.


Do not use a raiding tool on a base unless you enter and attempt to raid.


You must start the raid within 30 seconds after actually adverting the raid.


You can not solo raid as Gang Leader, Bikie Leader.


You can not raid someone with a building sign.


Gang and Bikies cannot raid together.


You cannot spawn props while raiding or being raided.


Only Police Officers can build during raids. (EG. barracades ETC)


You cannot raid from your own base.




Do not abuse the fading door (Using your real keyboard to open fading doors).


You can only have a maximum of two fading doors in your base.


Keypads must be working, have a hold length of 4 seconds, and be placed near the door they open.


Do not build inside unowned buildings or ones that you do not own.


Do not block off large parts of the map, or any place where NPCs are located.


While building, put up a sign that states "BUILDING" to let others know not to mess with you.


No GIFs or offensive material on text signs and keep your signs in role-play.


Do not build on rooftops unless they are connected to a staircase. Do not store entities on these roofs unless it is accessible.


If you have multiple entrances into your base, you can block off one of them.


Your base can not include movement impairing door ways or entrances, aka crouching, jumping, single file.


No kill holes/traps.


If staff deem a base to unfair or unraidable they hold the right to tell you to fix the unfair sections.


A fading door may only consist of a single prop so that police can batter it down.


You may have as many shooting holes as you like as long as they are all activated by buttons.


Don't build on/over the streets unless proper roleplay. Hobos are no exception; they may only build on the sidewalk and in parks.




You do not have to advert Mug.


There has to be no one else in sight except for you and the person your mugging.


The max you can mug for is $2000.


Only Thiefs and Gang Leader, Bikie Leader with gang can mug.


If you are being mugged and you feel like you can contest you can fight back only if you have same tier of weapon or higher (EG. if your getting mugged by somone with a pistol and you have a rifle, you may fight back) just dont cry to admins when you lose it.


You have to mug with a deadly weapon.






*cannot raid*


*Can own guns*


Do not ask someone to put a hit onto certain player's, that's fail RP.


You need to have a reason for the hit by the player placing the hit. Do not accept the hit without a valid reason. Remember the reason and the person who placed it.


Gun Dealer/Heavy Gun Dealer


*cannot raid*


You must have a shop or being in the middle of building one.


Do not self supply. (Changing to gun dealer to buy guns then switching to thief.)

You can not be apart of any organisation.




*Can raid*


*Can own guns*


You can not be in a party bigger than 2




*can only raid if with gang or bikies*


*can own one-handed guns*


If someone wants free healing you can turn them down




*Cannot raid*


*Can own 1 handed guns*


You can not steal from anyone


All you do is walk around and observe.


Bikie Member/Leader


*Can Raid if with Leader*


*Can own guns*


Bikie Members are required by default to coordinate with other members of the same gang.


Bikies can only raid with a leader and at least 1 other person that is a gang member, NO solo raiding!


Security Guard


*Cannot Raid*


*Can own guns*


You can be a guard for a store/base such as a gun store.


You can be a guard for a base for thieves, Mob Boss or Bikies but you can not help them raid.


Law Enforcement


*Can counter-raid*


*Can own guns*


Corrupt Police Officers are not allowed.


May arrest players with illegal guns or contraband out on sight.


May use any weapon they have available to them.


Are NOT allowed to base/own doors/homes. The Police Department is your home.


Are NOT to arrest hobos during a lockdown, since they have no home.


Do not randomly weapon check someone. (Being in the PD is reason enough for a check)


Do not raid without a warrant. A building open to the public does not require a warrant to go into, unless there is a closed off private area such as a back room.


You may only request search warrants if you have a legitimate reason to be suspicious.


Arrests must have reasons behind them.


Law enforcement players are not above the law.